Journey Groups

What are Journey Groups and being part of a community?

Journey Groups

We believe that being in community with a Journey Group is critical to our growth as a disciple. Journey Groups are modeled after John Wesley’s Class Meetings. Wesley developed his groups after observing that people who chose salvation by professing faith in Jesus at a preaching event had trouble sustaining changes in their life.

Wesley’s Class Meetings were weekly gatherings designed for fellowship, prayer and accountability for the state of one’s soul. His famous question to those attending was, “How is it with your soul?” Journey Groups continue this tradition, allowing our members a place to share their faith and walk with God.

We believe the Apostles modeled for us how to live as disciples in Acts 2:42 (NRSV): “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

Journey Group Covenant

  • We will devote ourselves to each other as the Apostle’s did in Acts 2:42 and be accountable to God, Christ and each other for our Journey.
  • Our Journey group will meet on a frequent and consistent schedule in order that the Spirit may work in our midst to draw us closer to one another.
  • We will be present in Weekly Worship.
  • Our growth as disciples of Jesus Christ is our most important priority in life. Therefore, we will learn together how to live as disciples of Jesus.
  • We will lead mission driven lives and serve together as a Journey group.
  • We will seek to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform the world.

If you desire to be in community with a Journey Group, fill out the form below and submit. Someone will follow up with you to get you connected.